Custom Orders (Sizes and Pricing)

The sizes shown below are standard sizes however we can produce any custom size you like

*Prices will be subject to change based on fluctuating lumber costs and species of woods requested in your board. 



Veggie (starts at $80)


the veggie board is the perfect size for cutting smaller produce like vegetables or fruits, transportation is easy and effortless. 

Kitchen (starts at $95)


this board is the perfect size for the serious cook in the kitchen. You will be able to cut up a few steaks or a big roast on this board.

BBQ (starts at $140)


The BBQ board is perfect for a BBQ'r who want lots of space to chop up a whole brisket. It's also great for a cook looking to prepare a meal for the whole family.


These options can be added to your board...

Juice Groove $15

Juice grooves allow liquids and juices to pool in the groove rather then flowing over the side of your board and making a mess.

Engraving $20

Engraving is a great way to personalize your board with a family name, business logo, or your favorite sports team. Unfortunatley the BBQ board is to large for us to engrave.  

Rubber Feet $5

Rubber feet are a great way to prevent your board from sliding around on your countertop, they also create space between your board and the counter giving you an easy finger grip.

Size tolerances will be within 1/4 inch 

Steps to Ordering Your Custom Board

Contact us using the feature below, try to include as many details as possible

After placing a custom order with us we will walk you through the design process and wood selection of your board. 

From then we will collect a 50% upfront deposit and begin to make your board.

once your board is complete we will reach out to you and collect the remaining 50% and get your board shipped out as soon as possible